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Hot Chelle Rae - Tonight Tonight

This is my song of the weekend!  It’s a little overrated and definitely over played, but for me it’s one of those songs that I really can’t get enough of.  It’s going to be a great weekend!


Turn Old CD Cases into Wondrous Spinning Photo Carousels!

This DIY frame-holder fits 10 photos and delightfully spins around a base just like your favorite childhood ride of yore.

Thanks to Tiffany Threadgould for this rad project from her book, ReMake It.


My favorite part of the Ochocinco trade



Aaron Hernandez already wears #85.  There is no doubt he will be on the team this year.  I assume Chad will try to buy the number off him, but what if he doesn’t?  Does he change his name? Does Ochocinco wear a different number.  It will be funny to watch this play out.

Talk about a seller’s market. Hernandez can name his price for that number.

Reading this first thing in the morning is a great way to start the day!

Things I’d Rather Be Doing Today

  • Still sleeping in my comfortable bed
  • Laying on the beach (I know!  Even I’m surprised by that one!)
  • Spending the day riding roller coasters and watching cheesy shows at Six Flags
  • Spending the day at the movies and catching up on the ones I haven’t seen
  • Baking cookies and/or a cake (Pineapple Upside Down anyone?)

Fuck it Friday


I just destroyed a Payard Flourless Chocolate Cookie from La Colombe and it’s not even 9:30AM yet. They didn’t have them out in the display case this morning when I ordered my coffee. Most people would have claimed defeat, but not I, for it is what Theangrytherapist would call Fuck it Friday. A day to relax a bit, focus on you. After a week of clean Paleo and a brutal workout of Wall Balls and Burpees yesterday at Crossfit, I’m having my mother fucking cookie.

When asked if I’d like anything else with my iced coffee, I politely asked if they had any chocolate cookies. They went to the back and brought one. It was still wrapped in plastic from the Payard delivery. The male barista looked at me and said “Really? This early?”

Yes my friend. Fuck it Friday.


Now that is un-moo-sual.

Now that is un-moo-sual.

It’s National Doughnut Day!

It’s National Doughnut Day!

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It’s Friday


Gotta get down on Friday


Would love to credit whoever made this, if you know ‘em.



Would love to credit whoever made this, if you know ‘em.


I hate to invade your personal body space, but you sho is fucking warm!

Melissa LeBlanc

Just another day at the office!